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What is is a free online service which allows you to extract and download subtitles from YouTube and most popular websites. Download YouTube subtitles online via web browser without installing any software. Download subtitles online as fast as possible, just in a few clicks.

Is this YouTube subtitles downloader free?

Yes, is absolutely free. But if you like it, buy author a coffee ;)

What websites are supported by to extract and download subtitles?

Most popular websites all over the web are supported: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Lynda, Viki and much more...

Which subtitle formats are supported to download?

Currently you can download YouTube subtitles in TXT (simple text), SRT and VTT file formats.

What subtitle languages are supported to download?

If source video contains subtitles in many languages, all of them will be available to download. For example, both English and Spanish languages will be available to download, if source video has English and Spanish subtitles.

How to download subtitles from YouTube using

Please follow these steps to extract and download subtitles:

  • Open source YouTube video on your computer or phone, using a browser or YouTube app.
  • Copy video link either from the browser's address bar, or by clicking Share and Copy Link buttons from within the app.
  • Paste the copied video link into the input filed here at website.
  • Press extract button.
  • Get the list of extracted subtitles in text TXT, SRT, VTT formats and different languages available to download.

Main features of

  • Allows you to download subtitles from YouTube as well as from other most popular websites.
  • Download subtitles in any language available in text TXT, SRT or VTT formats
  • Available on all platforms and devices: Mac, PC, iOS, Android. Laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones.
  • No registrations, no subscriptions, no plugins, no extensions, no malware.
  • Just use your browser. No need to install any software.
  • Download subtitles just in a few clicks.
  • It's completely free.

Enjoy our service!